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Katie Hoskins

A great career to see the different and unique ways many companies operate is auditing. As an auditor, you would work for an accounting firm where you would be placed on different clients. You would work from these client sites and audit their financial statements with a team from your firm. Auditing the financial statements of a company requires examining and testing the fairness and accuracy of the statements and then releasing an opinion on their fairness. Auditing is truly a great way to gain an understanding of how businesses from different industries, such as public companies versus not-for-profits, handle their earned cash flow. Generally, to succeed as an auditor, you will be encouraged to get your C.P.A. after earning a Bachelors Degree. Many accounting firms offer audit internships which often lead to a full-time position. I completed an auditing internship this past winter and accepted a full-time position upon college graduation. It is a dynamic and interesting career!

Answered 7 years ago

Katie Hoskins