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Kerry Reeves

I think one of the most rewarding accounting positions that you can obtain with an associates degree is to work for a local accounting firm. Often, in this position, you have the opportunity to be responsible for a variety of clients from different businesses. The firm will allow you to do their books including the General Ledger, Journal Entries and Financial Statements. Possibly you may be able to do their payroll as well. This position includes a lot of variety in tasks and a lot of responsibility. Also, you will interact with a lot of different people. You could possibly quality for a payroll clerk position which can be fun because you will be helping people. Some small businesses will hire an administrative assistant as their bookkeeper. These are also fun jobs, because you usually are responsible for a a variety of tasks. One of my more enjoyable jobs was as controller for a family run business. I was able to interface with a lot of different people. I hope this gives you an idea of the potential you have available.

Answered 6 years ago

Kerry Reeves