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Alexander Pirie

I mostly agree with the other person who suggested auditing, but as someone who works as an auditor, I want to say that there is a huge misconception about how much you interact with people. While there are days where I primarily hammer away on the computer with various spreadsheets and reviewing financials, by and large I'm primarily interacting with people.

On average you're going to be working in small groups/teams at the client site with a handful of other employees from your firm that you'll have to interact with frequently.

Even more important is client interaction - especially with the advent of controls testing in recent years. Some clients borderline demand face-to-face interaction, meaning you will be in their office for several hours each day talking and working with them. The other 50% of your time will be spent on the phone or e-mailing with co-workers/clients.

While there will be some amount of interaction within almost any business job, if you prefer to work independently I would recommend leaning towards tax.

Answered 3 years ago

Alexander Pirie


Most people would recommend going into Auditing. Its a great way to get your foot into the door without being as social, but expect to work hard & long hours.

Answered 4 years ago