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I need help transitioning from HR to accounting.

I currently work as HR Admin for corporate in the Restaurant industry. I am attending school full time for accounting and I want to become a CPA. I am good with numbers and I love math and anything to do with business, I worked up the HR ladder from management experience and the more HR experience I obtained it was easier to find better paying HR jobs and I let pay control my career path for a few years. I dont want to graduate from my bachelors in accounting with no experience in accounting. Please help me transition. I have some payroll experience and I am wondering if going into the payroll clerk to payroll admin will help me get any closer to my ultimate goal. I am also taking a tax preparer course to become a tax preparer by 2015. I dont know if this will help me better than payroll, or if im derailing from my main objective.

please help me find a sense of direction.
thank you!

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Steve Zinaman

The term "accounting" in a small business typically means "bookkeeping". Keeping the books and records for the company in an organized and accurate format. Usually, an outside auditor or accounting firm meets with the accounting head, several times a year to report on the financial results of the company.

You should transition yourself into that area of the business and gain some hands on experience. Back office or bookkeeping people that are good are hard to come by so you shouldn't have too much difficulty in finding the right level position.

At the same time continue your education towards the CPA degree. The hands on bookkeeping experience, no matter what the level, will come back to you and pay you dividends when it comes to getting a CPA job.

In summary:

** Get into a role that would be considered working with a company's books and numbers.
** Stay on course with your CPA degree.
** A tax preparer course would only make sense if you need a quick job and quick money. The CPA course should be your entire focus.

Answered 7 years ago

Steve Zinaman