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Anup Aryal

Accounting is definitely a good starting career move for finance graduates or professionals.

As you have not disclosed if you are accounting/finance grad or not, I would assume that you are graduate with accounting background and answer further. If possible in future, please give more background so that it will be easier to answer.

For accounting/finance graduates there are multiple career options in the accounting and finance roles. If it is a large org, it will be managing a small activity with huge volumes and if it is a medium/small org you will get to see different activities. For example managing invoices, accounts payable, bank reconciliation, posting journal entries, preparing books of accounts, budgeting, analysing profit/loss statement etc..

Having said all that, to know whether this job is good for you depends upon your personal qualities. The accounting job is definitely not for creative persons and people who are innovative and think out of the box and are restless with ideas. These will help you in your job but you may feel monotonous and look for change.

For being successful in accounting, you have to be good in maths and English, able to comprehend data and analyse information. All the best.

Answered 7 years ago

Anup Aryal