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Russ McQueen

Some of the most important skills or abilities in successfully pursuing an accounting major would include:

Decent math and analytic skills.

Being comfortable with computers and learning new applications.

Interested in business and having the desire to learn and understand how various businesses operate, what drives them, and how they measure success.

An inquiring mind which likes to gather information and organize thought processes.

A critical mind, in the sense of wanting to dig into things and ask questions; the tendency not to always assume things but to probe. "I don't believe it until I understand it and know it's true."

Enjoying the process of straightening something out or figuring it out and then showing others how it works and what it means.

Being ok with working alone AND also ok with working on a team and communicating with others.

A passion to continuously learn and keep current and up to date.

Enjoyment of things which are balanced and have symmetry; an affinity for seeing that things actually add up and are provable.

If someone can relate and resonate with most of these traits, then there is a very good chance they have the aptitude to become a successful accountant.

Answered 7 years ago

Russ McQueen