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Austen Owen

I have to respectfully disagree with A. B. While it is true that you have to actively build your own career, attending a highly ranked university will afford you some opportunities that other universities won't. For example, most highly rated universities have massive career fairs that attract recruiters from companies across the nation. Well renowned schools also provide students with networking opportunites to meet professionals from multiple industries.

I would suggest that you consider your financial situation as well as the location that you want to live in after graduation. With that in mind, here is a list of some of the most prestigious programs:

1. University of Texas - Austin
2. University of Illinois
3. Brigham Young
4. Notre Dame
5. University of Southern California
6. University of Michigan
7. University of Pennsylvania
8. Indiana University
9. New York University
10. Ohio State University

I was fortunate to have attended one of these programs, and benefited greatly from the opportunities my school provided.

With that said, you do have to continue working through college to have a successful career. Not making it into one of these programs is not a death sentence or anything like that. There are many great accountants from lesser known programs. Make sure you continue to build your network with people in the same career path, and you'll find plenty of opportunity anywhere. Good luck!

Answered 9 years ago

Austen Owen

A. B. House

It really isn't the college but the person that you are. Great achievers can get started anywhere. Any college, large or small. The nice thing about accounting is that regardless of where you graduate from, once you attain your CPA, you are more or less equal to other accounting professionals. The CPA is difficult and challenging but attainable. It just takes grit to make your accounting career what you want it to be, not the college you attend. Hope this helps!

Answered 9 years ago

A. B. House