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That is a great question to ask. The answer is complicated. If you choose to be a tax accountant, you can expect to work a standard 40 hour week during non-busy season. Busy season (January-April, and some times September) can require anywhere between 40-75 hours per week based on your firm and your clients.

If you are in auditing, you will spend 40-50 hours per week during non-busy season. Your busy season revolves around your client's year end. You may see weeks between 50-80 hours during busy season. You can also expect to be traveling to your client's job site on most work days.

While that can seem overwhelming, you should also know that most accounting firms provide great benefits and paid time off to balance out your busy periods. For example, many offices are slow in the summer and may give their employees every other Friday off of work.

I hope this answers your question. Good luck!

Answered 8 years ago