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Nicholas Truncellito

To the person who is an aviation maintenance student I think it is great that you are doing what you enjoy and gaining knowledge. Having a working understanding of avionics is important, and you may wish to go on towards a bachelor's degree in electrical, aerospace, or mechanical engineering if you desire. Currently, you may find tuition support through scholly app which is an inexpensive app that helps you locate and apply for many applications nationwide.

Regarding employment at SpaceX or NASA, it would be helpful to have an engineering, math, or computer science degree. The engineering degree could be aerospace, mechanical, electrical, chemical, or systems, If you have a particular company in mind, check their employment website to see what they are seeking in terms of educational background. Several companies offer internships, usually after the sophomore year of college, and these are great opportunities to learn more abut a company and related industry,

If you would like to serve the country but not join the military, you could look into aerospace companies and electronics companies that provide key hardware support.

To the high school student taking physics and calculus, I am happy for you that you enjoy math and science. There are many opportunities for women and men in STEM related fields. Keep learning and I wish you the very best as you go forward.

For someone interested in designing future cars, electrical, mechanical, environmental, chemical engineering would be helpful as well as computer science. You will apply all of these types of engineering in some capacity as you create and test your advanced designs. I wish you much success as you pursue your career passion.

Answered 4 years ago

Nicholas Truncellito