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Nicholas Truncellito

Have you checked https://myscholly.com? It is an app that you can subscribe to in order to see what scholarships are available for those in college or grad school or entering college. You are definitely on the right track learning about what you enjoy, I would recommend trying to get as much experience as possible through internships or apprenticeships as you pursue your studies.. I wish you the best going forward.

I know a commercial pilot, and he has been extremely happy with his career. He has been flying for over 15 years and enjoys it immensely, and his family has enjoyed the perks of free travel to other countries with him. Goo luck, and follow your dreams.

Being outdoors is very invigorating and enjoyable. Studying the sky at night is also enjoyable, and you can engage is several fields related to both such as meteorology, astronomy, and various types of engineering such as civil, aerospace, environmental, and industrial. You can also be outdoors conducting various types of tests in these areas. Best of luck going forward.

Actually, car design incorporates all of those forms of engineering. You can apply what you learn in any of those fields to car design and will learn and create new ideas when you work in that field.

Answered 3 years ago

Nicholas Truncellito