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Ayatollah Whiteman-best

Thanks Montana Wildlife for your reply, I checked out USAJOBs and found a Wildlife Biologist job in my area with the US Department of Fish and Wildlife. It listed a bachelors degree in Natural Resource Management as an acceptable basic requirement. A post for a natural resource specialist also list that degree as a basic requirement. I'm thinking of pursuing a graduate degree in Natural Resource Management designed for career changers like me.(approx 36 semester hrs) My undergrad degree is in Business Administration. If I earn a Masters in Natural Resource Management, will the absence of a science undergrad hurt my chances of landing a government job?

Also, I was encouraged when I read on the Wildlife Biologist posting that work in that field whether compensated or NOT would count as qualifying experience for the position. Does anyone know if it is standard practice to accept that kind of experience for similar government jobs?

Thanks for your help!

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UpNorth in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories
41 months ago
I am in my mid-30's and am looking for some advice to change careers to enter in the field that is my true passion - wildlife and habitat conservation. I did not enter this field initially because I was concerned about the low pay and competitiveness of job prospects. But after several years working in the real world, I have realized that I need to be doing what I love, that is, to find a way to be working with wildlife, working with local communities, and being outside.

I have an undergrad degree in biology and environmental studies and have spent about 12 years working in academic research and environmental management. I have discovered a few things about working in the real world to help me refine my focus. This year I will be trying to volunteer with wildlife focused field work. I am also looking into getting GIS training on my own. I am looking for a career that involves the following and not sure the best way to go back go school for a graduate degree:
1) I DO NOT want to end up working for government (I cannot stand bureaucracy after working in it for several years) or the private sector (I do not want to be employed to help companies destroy the environment)
2) I am looking to work for a non-profit conservation type agency and willing to take the pay cut.
3) Aside from the animal focus, I want to also be involved in the people aspect of conservation (eg. community based conservation), because I view people participation as being integral, if not primary to habitat and wildlife conservation.
4) I don't want to just study and research the animal for the sake of itself. I want to work in a field that has direct applied results. I do not care for publications and academia (have no desire to do a PhD).

5) I want to be able to "work on the ground" in the field working with both people and animals, with some involvement (but not alot) in office work, reporting, analyses etc.

6) I do not care too much for policy and regulatory analyses, and do n

Answered 7 years ago

Ayatollah Whiteman-best