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Flora Bao

Civil Engineering - (Genes and circulation systems of architecture) leans toward urban planning where you will design the infrastructure of the city. May involve plumbing, electricity distribution, geotechnical design, etc.

Structural design - (bones of architecture) intense field that has a lot of responsibility in terms of making sure the building stands up. Could also become interesting if you lean towards the design of bridges and large structures such as airplane hangers and such.

Mechanical engineering - (functions of the architectural anatomy) deals with cooling and heating systems, plumbing systems, data and electrical systems

Architecture design - (skin and silhouette of architecture) involves space planning, form making, and design of the exterior skin. Also needs to understand and be responsible to put together all the other engineering parts. It may also require more interface with people as architects are the front line communicators with

Answered 9 years ago

Flora Bao