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I love the freedom of design and the challenges it brings to the table, I love every detail and process that goes into the finished product. Is there anyway I can be a part in all of these steps?

For example, my grandfather is a retired Project Manager for a construction firm in NYC, his brother my uncle was an engineer and worked in Dubai on the sky scrapers, my other uncle is a Civil/Enviornmental Engineer in Colorado, another grandfather was a tank mechanic for the USMC. All of these great men in my family inspire me to change the world in many different ways but I'm unsure of the right path for me.

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Steve Zinaman

Start at the beginning a practice your trade. A larger firm will have a staged approach to a project with specialists exerting the project at each phase. A larger firm who handles larger projects will allow you to pick you area of expertise. After you've mastered the various phases of design and construction, you might be able go off on your own and " change the world".

Explore your talents and find your passion. But work for a firm that gets the type of projects that will launch your own career.

Answered 8 years ago

Steve Zinaman