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Sergio Cuculiza

I'm unsure as to how they would acknowledge your degree, however I would always consider more schooling because I find the largest differentials between studying abroad and in the United States is that as it is in most countries, design culture is much different. I always find it best to understand the area's people as well as the area well before you are truly ready to embark on your career and not simply just a job.

Once perusing your education further it would be wise to try and find an internship or part-time work you can do for a local firm, both helping your schooling, finances, and experience. All vital elements to a prosperous Architectural career. The hardest thing to remember as architects is that we are also business people, we must create and design the the most complicated and functional concept, while still making it affordable and feasible.

Answered 8 years ago

Sergio Cuculiza