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Neil Buttermore

It never hurts to get your name out there as a lot of people feed off energy and good vibes if that's the sort of thing you bring to the table. But when it comes down to it you will need a skills & aptitudes to move forward. You will most likely begin as an unpaid intern if you get in but this should change in 3-6 months if you bring something to the table for the firm to profit from. Understand that this process is "give & take". I highly recommend putting together a printed portfolio in a very, very organized manner. If an architecture firm saw a 15 year old with a printed & bound portfolio of work they might especially be impressed. If you have computer skills I would also recommend getting started in 3D using Googles SketchUp App either on a Mac/PC or even a iPad. Begin to establish a body of work and the industry will respond. Additionally, I would also look into any/all local Junior College's in your area where you can begin to learn as I know personally that very few highschools let alone junior highschools offer architecture programs. Have fun and do the best work you can do, you have your whole life ahead of you.

Answered 6 years ago

Neil  Buttermore