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Neil Buttermore

It sounds like you've got your answer already with football yet to be honest I believe you should take a serious look at football if you have an interest in architecture. The current climate surrounding football and head injuries is a very, very serious debate which you should discuss with your parents and loved ones. Head injuries are the worst thing you could ask for if you hope to pursue ANY career that demands critical thinking. This goes for any/all high paying jobs from law to medicine to finance to engineering & architecture. Unless you are the star player with recruiters calling you night & day, I would discuss more realistic options with a guidance counselor. If you have a scholarship for football that is also a huge plus to consider. If you don't have a scholarship and don't have recruiters calling you I would recommend being more realistic about football as a career choice as the long term will no doubt affect your ability to complete general tasks let alone manage a career of any type. The career choice most football associated people take who have success is no doubt BUSINESS, just look at George Foreman and that man's grill, he built an empire with his business knowledge and football got him in the door to see through as much.

Answered 6 years ago

Neil  Buttermore