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Neil Buttermore

Unless you know someone who can provide an introduction into development I would agree that architecture in and of itself does NOT offer much in the forms of monetary rewards. With that being said, many people who have degrees in architecture also run multi-billion dollar development firms such as companies like LENNAR, a publicly traded development company run by a CEO with a B.ARCH degree. The people who treat architecture as a stepping stone rather than an ultimate goal are the ones who make the big bucks. The artist-architects who believe their designs will change the world who number in the thousands earn very little money (very large egos here I'm afraid too). Get a business degree and you will be good to go, minor in architecture might work but engineering isn't half bad either. Its whatever subject works best for you is the right one and the only way to find out is to explore both.

Answered 7 years ago

Neil  Buttermore