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Ayatollah Whiteman-best

Step 1: Get enrolled in a school.
It’s a great investment in your future. For more information on how to get a loan, contact the financial aid department at your truck driving school.
Step 2: Apply at Schneider about two weeks before you graduate.
You can expect to hear back from a recruiter in just a few days. You must be hired within 4 months of graduation to qualify for tuition reimbursement so applying early is helpful.
Step 3: Drive for Schneider.
After you’ve been employed with Schneider for 30 days, we’ll start helping you repay your truck driving school loan. You’ll be reimbursed on a monthly basis.
Schneider’s additional training
Truck driving schools do a great job training students how to drive. Schneider builds on that training to make sure you are prepared, safe and comfortable before you hit the road.

Answered 7 years ago

Ayatollah Whiteman-best