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Juan Giarrizzo


Congratulations on your PhD.

Academia vs Industry is a common question, money vs freedom?. I finished my third Post Doc and realized that I did not wanted to continue in academia. However, I can only say that academia gave great learning experiences and was always willing to forgive some mistakes, this you may not find i in industry. Additionally, I gathered I great set of skills while I was payed to participate in exciting projects.

If your question is where you will have a balance between research and family time, I would say that Academia is more flexible. Think about it !! you are in control of your hours and if you fall back you can push yourself to catch up.

On the other hand, we are in a funding race, hunting for funds is constant and this sometimes can be discouraging.

I personally, would always say that Academia allows you to focus in your family and yourself more easily than industry. But maybe doing a Postdoc would help you to get a good taste of life in Academia as a professional and not as a student.

Explore labs and projects that can be translated to industry or have connections to Industry, that way you would be getting a professional training in an academic environment. I suggest data management and programming related projects. In other words see how your science would translate in specific industries and in a consumer oriented world.

Good luck

Answered 7 years ago

Juan Giarrizzo