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Ryan Gilbert

I suggest you decide on a career first. The benefit of having this career goal in mind before starting is that you have a defined target. If you have a career in mind, start researching that career. Ideally, you can check out the websites of most companies and find job postings that detail the responsibilities and requirements for each job. Sometime you may have to call the company's human resources department to gain knowledge about a particular position. During this process, you may find an even better fitting job that allows you to find fulfillment and provide for you current/future family.
After you have a target, the steps to get there are a lot simpler. If you want this particular career, you may have to go through the Chemistry classes to get there. When the studying gets hard, just remember what your goals are and why you need to complete the degree or certification.

Knowing where you are going makes the process of getting the a lot easier! Study hard and best of skill!

Answered 4 years ago

Ryan Gilbert