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I would recommend getting in touch with a recruiter from a recruiting agency such as Aerotek, West Valley, etc. (Can google agencies in your area). You can also look on career websites such as indeed, monster, simplyhired, and careerbuilder and narrow the search by typing in key words such as "biotech" , "entry level biotech" , "entry level science", "research assistant", etc. LinkedIn is also a good way to stay connected to your peers and find new connections.

Overall, Make a solid resume. Companies know that a recent grad will not have much wrk experience so it is okay to put coursework and lab courses on your resume. Once you gain experience your resume will change as well.

Post your resume on all job websites. Apply directly to companies (see if you know someone at a company and see if they would be willing to pass your resume to the hiring manager (This is better so you know your resume is not lost online among the others who are applying).

Make connections and network.

Hope this helps a bit!

Answered 7 years ago