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Krystyn Black

Nursing is a tough major. Kudos to you for asking the question now, rather than years from now. Ask why you liked nursing: is it the science? the people? Medicine, in general? Depending you can go from there. You might be interested in counseling, social work, education vs pharmacy or physicians assistant. If is is the science, then you can do Biology. If it is none of the above and you need to find something completely different: that is ok as well. It might set you back, but take an assortment of classes and see what you enjoy and are really good at. You have to be practical and pick something that you can get a reasonable job later (unless you are wealthy), but there are many options. Before you give up on nursing, you might talk to you nursing teachers about career options. All nurses do not work in hospitals, some do research, some work for pharmaceutical companies. They may help you.

Answered 9 years ago

Krystyn Black