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Hello! That is excellent to hear and forensic science is a wonderful field. Here are some tips to help you find an internship:
(1) attend career fairs—at your school, at your hometown, at the town where your school is in. Google and find them and attend (put together your resume, dress professionally etc...)
(2) Google all companies in this line of work, find their website and job postings, apply as aggressively as possible through their website
(3) Find recruiters for this industry (try google and linkedin)
(4) Also apply through the job postings on LinkedIn and all those other random job sites (indeed, monster, etc...)
(5) Reach out to specific Human resources people at these companies (send a linkedin message that's formal).
(6) Check your personal network to see if you know anyone in or close to the field or at a company that does this kind of work
(7) If you can't find interviews then go and seek them out by messaging people on linkedin to just talk about the job. Get a feel for what they look for in terms of skill set and then either assess if you have that skillset and whether it's on your resume or do some work (class or training) to get those skills.
Never give up. I am sure there are more avenues, but this is just a start.

Good luck!

Answered 2 years ago