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I am most passionate about meteorology. Since I young, that's what I've always wanted to pursue as a career. Now I'm just seeking guidance through my journey to achieving that.

I'm currently attending a local juco for basics. However, I want to attend University of Houston and they do not have a meteorology program. Just curious as to how much that would affect me getting a career in meteorlogy once I graduate?

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Nicholas Truncellito

You may want to check out other schools that are noted for their meteorology programs such as Penn State. They may provide better opportunities in the field and connections for career opportunities. Before I retired from industry, I had a meteorologist working for me, and he established the following weather website, vencoreweather.com, which has tutorials and forecasts for certain parts of the country. You may find it interesting as well as a recent posting below that he provided today..

The corona has baffled scientists for decades and this is a potential learning opportunity: https://www.vencoreweather.com/blog/2017/8/14/800-am-the-great-american-solar-eclipse-on-august-21st.

Answered 5 years ago

Nicholas Truncellito