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Alan Zarach

First of all maybe biology wasn't really the perfect major for you. The good news it's not to late to do something about it. My wife got a Bachelors degree in communications. But as her life unfolded she decided to go back and get a business degree. And as her life further unfolded she went back and got a MBA in healthcare. My point is sometimes your life takes a right when you thought it would take a left.
You have several options. First you can get involved more in the library as a career. There are degrees offered for library science. A very rewarding career.
Second there is nursing. You stated you are having issues with nursing school. Baby steps first. Try a two year college that offers nursing degrees. You can work as a nurse with a two year degree. You can also use that degree to get into a four year nursing program. With your biology degree and your two year degree you should be able to get a BSN very quickly.
Thirdly you can use the free time your library job alots you to investigate totally different careers.
Good luck.

Answered 2 years ago

Alan Zarach