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Ben Bradbury

Before assessing the options, ask yourself this question: "Do I enjoy the subject of the problem more than the process of solving the the problem?" If the answer is yes, then pursuing a Ph.D. (i.e. mastering a field within Biology) is a great option. You can then become a professor, lead scientist in industry, or enter Consulting. Doing this sooner rather than later is suggested because it is harder to go back to school after you have gotten used to the comforts of a life in industry.

However, if you like the PROCESS of discovery more, then I recommend entering industry and finding a job that helps your build TRANSFERABLE skills. Look for an entry level job where you can use your technical skills (i.e. pharmaceutical lab) and then keep exploring.

I graduated with a bachelors in Biochemistry; found a job in the research lab of a winery; moved into finance; and am now pursuing my MBA.

Hope this helps.



Answered 8 years ago

Ben Bradbury