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I just graduated in May with a B.S in biology and I have no idea what I want to do next.

I originally wanted to be a doctor, but now Im not so sure. I love doing research, I love learning, I love helping people, and I want to do something that will make a difference. I just don't have the money to put myself through medical school. I also want to have a family and not miss out on important events with them. I find the body extremely interesting, but also, the environment - animals, nature, etc. I hate not being in school, I feel like Im wasting valuable time.

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Jonathan Horrell

What about Physician's Assistant, Physical Therapist, or some type of technician? A degree in the hard sciences should open doors for you. Maybe you could, through reading, find out who's doing what locally in medical research. Have you considered jobs in environmental stewardship or agriculture?

Answered 9 years ago

Jonathan Horrell