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Debra DeWeese

Hi, there! I am an HR Professional and Recruiter with over 25 years experience, and actually worked in a biosciences manufacturer for awhile. I hope I can give you some advice that will land an interview and then it's up to you to secure the job :)

First, plan your target companies, and look at their websites for employment opportunities. If you find something of interest, take the time to write a cover letter speaking to the position requirements, and slant your resume to the position. In other words, if you want a lab job, write one resume focusing on education and skillsets to match that position. If you want a supervisory position, write another resume focusing on those skillsets. You do not need to write a resume for every position, just maybe 2-3 versions of the same, with emphasis in what you are wanting to achieve. Send it via email, and USPS for total coverage. Then follow-up with a call. As a recruiter, I love the people that persevere. It impresses me. There is a fine line, however, between perseverance and stalking, so be careful. Placing two, maybe three, calls about a week apart should do it. Also, if you do here back for an interview, learn everything you can about the company. I cannot tell you how many people still do not take the time to review a website. It's amazing to me. Then, be ready to interview. Prepare yourself as best you can, and be prepared to ask questions. It will show that you are earnest in your desire for the job. Also, be willing to consider an entry-level salary. Most companies will not expect you to work for nothing, however, most companies do not have the starting salaries that colleges sell.

Apply for positions that can reasonably be yours. Do not let a title dissuade you from applying. I have seen everything happen in the recruiting world. Just put your desire out there, with clarity and intention, and something will evolve!

I hope this helps! Good luck!

Debra DeWeese / Virtual Recruiter and HR Professional

Answered 9 years ago

Debra DeWeese