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I like helping people, but I am also very creative. I like psychology and biology, but mostly about understanding the human mind

I have been very lost in trying to find a suitable career. I work as a pharmacy technician but I don't like it; it feels like im a salesperson, and I don't want to go to pharmacy school only to end up not using my knowledge. I do like psychology and i like helping people. I was thinking being a PA would be a good career, but it is not seen as "prestigious" to my parents and I do want to make them proud. I am soooo lost. :( I'm 23 years old and want to make a decision already and stick to it.

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You should do what youre comfortable with, as it is what you will be doing for the rest of your life.
IF PA it is then do it. You dont have to be a PA for the rest of your life, you can climb up the ladder and get promotions to get higher level managerial positions. May be even in a pharma company provided your background (long term goal).

Parents at the end of the day want whats best, so tell them you understand their concern. Tell them your plan, and make it open to discussion. Have a conversation about the exact goals and concerns you have, and how this would give you a fresh start. Your parents only want to see you happy, so you should do whats best for you, but also make them understand how it is best for you.

Good luck with everything! I am sure you will do great!

Answered 9 years ago