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Susan Parker

Sensory science is an interesting, multi-disciplinary area of study. It can involve psychology, neuroscience, chemistry, biology, nutrition, what not.

Try internships for the summers. There are options from food companies like Kraft Foods, Unilever, ConAgra, Mars, Amy's Kitchen, Kellog, General Mills, etc. Pet Food Companies too, like Nestle Purina, Nutro Max, Hill's Science Pet Nutrition. Psychology is very relevant in th area of foods for humans and pets. Believe it or not, most big food companies have niche, natural food areas too like Boca, Back to Nature, Kashi that are divisions of their companies.

Nutrition with regard to neuroscience is a growing field. Even neuroscience with a psychological bent is a strong area of study.

If there's a professor you like in a psychology class, go visit during office hours. Professors who are approachable can share a lot of options. Good profs want to help. :-)

Answered 7 years ago

Susan Parker