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Alex Masurovsky

Why are you flunking bio?

The work you do in college bio isn't exactly what you would be doing as a researcher. As you gain experience, as a research assistant, you would probably be doing a lot of routine busy work in a lab, such as taking blood samples from people or rats, as well as at a computer, such as data entry. Moving on up the chain, you would be doing statistical analyses, writing about the data in reports and potentially working with the principle investigator to come up with some studies of your own.

Only when you start coming up with new studies and eventually start running your own lab will you have to really have a mastery of the topics you are covering in class. However, up until then, you will have to have a good command of mathematics, statistics and at least a decent understanding of the biological concepts.

So basically, if you're flunking because you're in a huge class and it is particularly boring listening to the professor drone on at 8 AM, BUT you're interested in medicine and in someday contributing the greater body of knowledge in the field, then no, don't stop. Get your act together, make more time in your schedule, go to the office hours or study sessions held by your class if they have any.

If, however, you're failing because you're having a lot of trouble with math, or you're not interested in biological concepts at all, you definitely might want to think about if this is something you really want to go into. The skills needed to pass this class won't be a huge part of being an actual researcher, but you will definitely need to succeed in a lot of these classes along the way.

Answered 7 years ago

Alex Masurovsky