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Dan Nguyen

Medical school is a very long process my friend, make sure you truly want to do it by shadowing and asking doctors about the pro AND the cons of their occupation.

Process to get into medical school:

First year college: Explore a wide spectrum of majors and shadow professions that interest you. Make sure you make good friends too, college is an amazing place.Within six months you you should know the general field of study you're interested in (health, science, english, etc). After six months start taking general science courses (Courses with 101 behind them are to be avoided if you're planning on pre-health course)

2nd year: Take general Pre-health courses (biology, chemistry, organic chem, physics, english, college algebra, etc) in addition to your major's required classes. Research what health profession you want to go into (shadow, volunteer, etc).

3rd year: Take specific Pre-med or Pre dental or pre pharm courses in addition to your required major's classes. Start thinking about what entry examination you will take ( all depends on what you're going into, DAT for dental, MCAT for medical, Pcat for pharm, GRE for PT)

4th year: Finish major strong and take extra science classes to boost resume/gpa, take entry examination and apply for professional school.

Regardless of what professional school you end up in you will need good extracurricular activities, good letter of recommendation from science professors (life or physical sciences), strong GPA, and strong entry exam scores.

Answered 4 years ago

Dan Nguyen