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Erika Soriano

What is a rewarding career for me may not be a rewarding career for you. In order to figure out what is the best career for you, you need to know yourself, What do you feel passionate about? What are you good at? For example, if you are not very good at math and physics, then astronomy may not be for you. Also you need to consider what you would like to do after you graduate. Do you want to teach? Research? Link you science degree with conservation work or writing? Are you thinking about going to graduate school or would you prefer to jump straight into a job?

Let's start with marine biology first. Marine biology is actually made up of a wide variety of scientific fields. Your concentration/courses and degree would determine your career. I've copied a couple of links that discusses possible careers for marine biologist below.


For astronomy, a Bachelor's degree would only prepare you for a career in science education, writing, or computing. If you would like to be an astronomer, you would need to go to graduate school to get your Ph.D. After obtaining your Ph.D, you would need to do a postdoc for 3-5 years before you find a permanent job in the field.

So look into the possible careers, think about your strengths and weakness, and be honest with yourself. You will find the right career for you. Hope that helps!


Answered 9 years ago

Erika Soriano