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Ashley Cunningham

Since Bio-engineering is something that you are interested in but not far enough along in your schooling, I would recommend doing some initial research online (especially you-tube videos of processes) to find out as much as possible about the field. Include in your search all types of bio-engineering; you may be surprised with where your interest is. Narrow down your list to the top 2-3 areas that strike you as fascinating. Search for some local business (or at least as far as you are willing to travel) that have the areas you are interested in. Acquire contact information to their human resources department. Give them a call and see if you can set up a time to job shadow (one or two days for a couple of hours). Naturally, you will need to explain that you are a student and are interested in the field. This is certainly something you can do over a school break or over the summer. If you find one you really feel good about, I would follow that path and by your junior year you should be ready for an internship with a company. An internship will immerse you in the business and the processes that relate to what you would potentially be doing in your future career. It is also a time where you can truly test your curiosity level in the field without it being too late to make a change in your schooling. Lastly, an internship gets your foot in the door for your first job after college, it shows you have an interest and you have spent time in the field for training.

Best of luck!

Answered 9 years ago

Ashley Cunningham