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So I've been in the field for four years now, I've been involved in manufacturing (while a student) and I'm worrying if I pursue a non-science major my four years would be for nothing?

Specifically, I have four years experience in a tissue bank/medical device company and the way I got this job was just timing and connections to be honest. At first, I honestly just needed a job and was told about an opening. I wasn't interested in any specific field at the time and luckily I was given the job starting off as a technician.

Fast forward four years I was promoted to a supervisory role but I am also still a student. I was thinking of majoring in Economics before I realized how far I came in this position. I've already applied to schools to transfer to as a junior Econ major for the Fall of 2016. The thing is I also just interviewed for a different position at another biotech company. If they give me a job offer, I'm not sure if I'd be able to continue school full-time.

My heart is always in my work no matter what I do, but the thing is I'm not sure if I should use my four years to my advantage and major in life sciences, or just go for the Econ degree.

I feel like I shouldn't waste this opportunity because I know many people WITH degrees who would die to get my experience but at the same time, I just don't feel I'd be able to do this long-term.

How do you think I should approach this? What am I not considering? I guess I just need like a second voice in my head.

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Renee Dale

I dont see how it would be a waste. You can always do some bio/health-econ interdisciplinary work. I am sure economists are interested in the economics of biology and health sciences, and in that case you would be an asset. Diverse applicants are always a plus.
Or do something completely different. Knowledge and experience are never wasted. It will always be useful for understanding the news or talking to friends and loved ones about related topics.

Answered 11 months ago

Renee Dale


The science field is so broad. With experience and education you can transition and move around various branches of science. However, don't pursue a field you can't see yourself be in for long term. If you don't have a passion in the field you won't get far and you'll be relying on luck. I feel like that's just not as rewarding as you probably want your career life to be. Ask yourself what your ideal job position is and set a path for that. Put aside your current job & your degrees for a second and reflect what your ultimate goal is. Sometimes what you have now and in short term can be really distracting. Also, there's no such thing as a wasted opportunity. You can use your job experience as a stepping stone for any position if you word it right on your resume.

Answered 1 year ago