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What are the first steps to having a solar farm?

I want to bring it back to my country and need to figure out what kind of degree id need to work with a team or company to make that a reality

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Ryan Gilbert

The first thing to do is research the companies that are supplying solar farm services to needing areas. Those companies will have job posting on their sites that describe different responsibilities of different positions in the company. The same postings will normally have information about required education, experience, and misc. requirements to perform said position. If the company does not have a fully built out career site with the information, you can try contacting their human resources department to gain the information.
After you find a suitable career choice, you can tailor yourself to fit the mold perfectly through your degree, club associations, volunteering opportunities, and internships. Through shadowing or discussions with people that work in that industry, you will gain valuable knowledge that will lead you to the solutions you are looking for.
I would imagine that an electrical engineering, chemistry, or industrial engineering degree would be a few that I can think of that might help narrow your search. Also, critical knowledge can be gain from business and marketing to develop a financial game plan to make it happen.

I believe you have very noble goals and I wish you best of skill in achieving them all!

Answered 5 years ago

Ryan Gilbert