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Alexandra Buell

Environmental Studies. There are several reasons why I chose it as my major...and why I think it is a great major to choose!
-It includes a broad spectrum of disciplines. For instance I chose to focus on business and industry and marketing within environmental studies. Some people chose a focus in human thought, or law, or wildlife, or sociology, or perhaps a focus in biology and chemistry. The options are endless and you aren't pinned down. That is what I love about environmental studies.
-It is predicted that this field of work will rapidly have more and more job openings. This is because environmental issues are becoming more prominent. So this is a good major for future job opportunities.
-You can really make a difference in the world with this job and save lives.
-This is a very current, hot topic, and there are many different viewpoints, etc. It always stays interesting.

Answered 8 years ago

Alexandra Buell