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Deciding what do to stick with as a career

I initially started career journey as a Nursing Major, I am currently taking course in the Business major because the nursing applications do not open up until Oct 2014. Now im having second thoughts of Nursing, what do i do?

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David Bradley

Would you be interested in Health Care Administration perhaps? Essentially, it would be business focused (working in some administration aspect of a hospital, assisted living facility, hospice, etc). Some colleges offer degrees, which usually incorporate classes in Nursing and Management majors to form this HCA major. You need to decide more if you want a job at a desk and managing people, or among nurses dealing with what they do each day.

Best option -- get an internship! Health care internships almost never pay, so be prepared for that. Either way, if you get experience and connections in a health care setting, it should help clarify a direction for you.

Answered 7 years ago

David Bradley