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David Bradley

I had been in the same situation not long ago. Here's my advice -- for a happy family, make yourself happy.

Going to traditional routes to a steady, safe income like Law, Accounting, Financial Advising are not always the best route. If you want to keep your family happy, you need to be happy and you also need to have time for them. The time thought changed me from my career plans (working 10 hours a day but never having to worry about finances) onto new career plans.

Life will work out for the best -- just find something you are interested in!

What I recommend is the following (in no order, and you can do all or just some of them):
1) Figure out an industry you are interested in.
2) Figure out a job type you are interested in
-- What are the job functions?
-- Is it providing a service to someone?
-- Is it a certain service, or is the service you are thinking of just something you are familiar with?
-- Decide if its the service you want to deliver, or the response you want to get from who you are helping.
3) Go on an informational interview. This is your chance to find someone in a position you are interested in pursuing, and lets you get their perspective on what the job is truly all about, and how to get there.
4) Get an internship in a field you might be interested in!

Answered 9 years ago

David Bradley