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Hong-wen "william" Yang

In general, the cover letter should serve the following functions
(1) State the job interested
(2) Highlight your qualifications
(3) Show case why you are different than any other candidate for this position

There are many examples out there on the internet in terms of format and structure for reference.

In general, what worked for me in the past are accomplishment from each job post. For example, if a won an award working as a business analyst for a specific project, I will identify that accomplishment after I noted the business impact of the project, underneath the description of that specific project.

As you grow in your career path, they function as a "accomplishment" miles stone along along with an explanation of that job experiences and business results. It has been very effective for me.

Hope this helps.

Answered 3 years ago


Randi Krueger


I am happy to assist you with this if you send your resume via the StudentMentor tool.

Let me know.

Randi Krueger

Answered 3 years ago

Randi Krueger