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Candace Ward

The goal of a management consultant is to improve an organizations overall profile, position or a portion of the organization(Such as the information technology department or the product itself).

The responsibilities may be things such as conducting surveys to see what the customers may have to say, doing research, compiling reports, recommending solutions and creating /implementing new procedures or training. You would definitely want to seek a major involving organizational behavior and economics to start. I hope this helps somewhat.

Answered 3 years ago

Candace Ward

Kevin Zook


Management consultant are experts in a given field such as accounting or finance as an example. They are brought in when a company does not know what to do and the company is looking for an outsider's opinion.

If you want to be a management consultant, I strongly suggest that you have a broad based education that is strong in the liberal arts as well as business classes. A strong liberal arts degree with give you an appreciation for history and a connection to the world you would not otherwise think.

More importantly, you need to understand all aspects of a job, any job. I strongly recommend that you work full-time for one year at a fast food restaurant such as McDonald's or Burger King. DO not think of it as a job, but as an education. Learn everything you can about the job from mopping floors to leading a team. You will develop skills that will help you in the future in ways you cannot possibly understand. Volunteer to do the dirtiest and worst jobs.

I hope this helps.

Professor Kevin Zook

Answered 4 years ago

Kevin Zook