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Ken Simmons

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Answered 6 days ago

Ken Simmons

DawnMarie Boursiquot

Welcome to America Dave,

The first thing you want to do is not allow anyone to you into anything follow your gut. With that said, one of the first thing is to search companies that can translate your degree from your country. That will cost is a few hundred dollars go to www.NACES.org to find a company to evaluate go under how to find a member.

Once you receive the results of your evaluation, you will know if you are required to complete additional classes to earn a BS/BA. or qualify to move forward towards your Master's degree.

If you are required to take additional classes, you have already taken you may be allowed to test out or CLEP. These two are very different. Testing out of a class/course means you take the final exam for the course you see to get out of taking if you pass you are given the credit, CLEP is an exam similar to ACT/SAT you can go to www.CLEP.org lastly there is Prior Learning Assessment some colleges offer this for those who have worked a particular field for several years, but have never gone to school i.e. accounting yet they do it every day for many years. Ask about this if this at the college you select it this applies to you.

The TOEFL may be required if English was not the primary language for your classes.

If you need further clarification, please write back

Answered 3 years ago

DawnMarie Boursiquot