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Hi my name is Saba and I've signed up on this site along time ago but I never utilized it as I should. This my second time around and I'm more focused then ever. I want to build a professional relationship with individual that's familiar with the industry and had acquire a degree. I have goals and ideas that I believe will come true but only we continuos guidance/rapport.

I have an idea in a new social network platform that's unique and needed to bring people closer to each other through technology. I'm aware that i will need a team that listen and better my idea but I fear of intellectual property being stolen because I lack the funds and security to patent my designs. What steps would you take if you were I'm my position

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David Bradley

Your best bet is to find someone that you can trust to guide you, that has experience and answers. In the legal aspect, of course a lawyer would help you, but a tech startup entrepreneur would be good for all-around guidance. Find someone in your local area that can help you. Search to see if there are any organizations or trade associations that you can join and/or attend networking events with. Find an individual who has enough experience (you can also find them online through their company website), and ask them if they can give you 15 minutes for you to buy them a coffee and for you to speak with them, like an informational interview. If you are interested, I have scripts that can help you write an email saying this.

Answered 8 years ago

David Bradley