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How do you know what you want to major on?

I am not sure what I want to major on, I always thought, "OK, Doctor." but what if 4 years later I decide I hate advance science. I am considering Business Management because my mom wants to make her own restaurant, yet when I think about it I don't feel a passion for finance and such. I also consider engineering but I don't even know what kind of engineer I want to be all I know is that I am Undecided.

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Steve Zinaman

Well, the nice thing about your major is that you can change it, if you don't like it. But here's the rule you should follow.

Find a subject matter that your are extremely interested in, but at the same time, make sure you can apply your acquired knowledge into a career with earning potential.

So what peaks your interest? Business?, Medicine?, Law ?, Teaching ?, Architecture? , Coaching, ?. Research? , Accounting ?. You don't want to be a generalist, and miss this opportunity to dive right into a subject that peaks your interest and your passion.

If you don't find yourself moved towards a career area or a subject matter of interest where an earning potential career might result, you always have the option to skip college for a year or two, and find a job. A good job, starting at the bottom and working up can also serve as a learning experience.

Many retail, wall street, tech, consumer product companies offer intro and/or entry level programs for career minded individuals.

The world of opportunity is at your disposal. Find something that drives you and go for it.

Answered 7 years ago

Steve Zinaman