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Jeff Hauge

First, I would like to point out your resume is one of the most important, personal documents you will create. In a sense, it describes who you are, up to this point. If your simply asking how to add college to it? The simple answer is, it should be the second thing you list, right after your name and contact information and before work experience. If you’re interested in learning other important elements of creating a resume; continue reading.

If you’re just getting started creating a first resume or looking to improve the one you have, let me point out, your resume will be used, improved and updated throughout the rest of your working life.

If you have easy access to the internet do some research on creating a great resume. If you don’t have easy access to the internet, go to the public library. There are a lot of books on the subject.

Your resume should be an honest document that shows your recent work experience and skills. It should also prove your ability and willingness to learn new skills. One of the reasons resumes have education listed is to show your ability to learn new things and accomplish goals you set out to accomplish. Every class you take is a subject or skill you read about, study and are tested on. Potential employers see that as a benchmark that most of them had to go through themselves.

Your references are also important. They should not just be someone who is willing to say good things about you. They should be someone you have created a relationship with that knows you as being trustworthy, hardworking and able to accomplish goals. Everyday you go to work you should be proving to yourself, your coworkers and your boss you are not coming to work just to get a paycheck but you are coming to work to put together the building blocks to create your life.

Answered 9 years ago

Jeff Hauge