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I am completely lost as to what direction I want my career to go in after MBA graduation next year.

I have my Associate's in Paralegal Studies, Bachelor's in Communications, and very little experience as a paralegal for a few firms less than a year each. Other than that, I have no experience and have no idea how or what to do when I graduate. I just no I don't want to work in the type of work environment of the law firms I worked for. I need direction from someone who can help me use my MBA to start a career without much experience to back it up.

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Ken Simmons

With many years in Human Resources and also finding myself in your situation in college, I would suggest that you go to the counseling office of your school and arrange to take an interest and aptitude test to determine how your personality fits with various careers. When you find a suitable career area, go to the Director of Alumni Relations and arrange to meet and talk to and visit graduates in your career area who are doing things that look interesting to you. You are paying much money to support these departments, and you deserve to get a decent return on your investment. Here are some tips on getting information from graduates:


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This will provide much helpful information developed from my years in Human Resources, College Recruiting, and Setting up and Running a program to help laid off workers return to work.

Answered 4 years ago

Ken Simmons

Jeff Hauge

You are about to accomplish a significant achievement. Now make a list of the following categories: Money, Health, Friends and Family. I would have added Education to that list but it sounds like you already figured that out. Make a list of what you would like to happen in each one of the remaining categories. Ask yourself what are your greatest accomplishments to date and why? Then prioritize the list of categories the most important one list as number one and the least would be number four. Finally set a goal in the most important areas. With a bright future ahead of you, one suggestion might be to also set a goal in an area you feel you are week in. If you continually improve in areas you feel you’re week in you will always be making a happy path.

Answered 5 years ago

Jeff Hauge