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Shane Eugene Mass

I believe several careers and opportunities are developed from business management due to the vast scope of practice to be successful in operating a business, one will find themselves engaged in leading, coordinating, controlling and planning several aspects that make a business tick. these range from finances and marketing to operations and logistics to name a few of the major segments. All these segments have leaders who direct and coordinate the associate staff of a business. I'm my experience, the most successful thing one and aim to attain in their business venture is to be a good leader, as this is what makes it or breaks it for many people. You see, it's not about managing as much as it is about leading. And you'll know if your a good leader by turning around to see how many associates are following your lead.

Staring at the bottom rung of the corporate ladder is the SME (subject matter expert). This can be and is usually filled by the associate staff. Stay committed and abreast of your knowledge and you will work your way from low level management to mid and upper level and in any of the major business segments that your wish to specialize in.

Answered 7 years ago

Shane Eugene Mass