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Ethan Chen

I can't tell you. But let me tell you my story.

I thought I was going to do something with biology all along (I did really well in AP Biology and enjoyed the subject). In my highschool senior year a friend challenged me to take the AP macro and micro economics exams (our school didn't offer the class, so it would be purely self-study) and score 4 or above on both. If I win, I get some bragging rights; otherwise, well, that wasn't an option :).

So I studied and passed, but more importantly, found my passion and decided to do my degree in economics. What I've learned in college has carried me very far since, and doing a doctorate's degree in econ has always been on my radar.

What I want to say is, there is ample time and don't hurry your decision. Branch out, read more, talk to different people, and find something you really like.

Answered 8 years ago

Ethan Chen