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David Bradley

The best way to achieve this is the following:

1) Pursue a degree in International Business or relative

2) Become fluent in a language that will help you to reach the market you wish to work with. Popular are Latin American Spanish and French. Other languages, such as Mandarin or Arabic may be helpful. Spanish and French have the most broad reach though. You can double major or minor in this as well.

3) Get experience! Seek out internships with a company that can expose you to international business operations. If you run into walls where you do not have enough experience to work with them yet, give up any jobs that don't aid in your search in international business (i.e. retail or restaurant jobs) in exchange for something that gets you into office settings (even as a secretary, assistant or general business intern).

Note, a Marketing internship on your resume looks better than a retail job. Even if it isn't your area of interest, it helps you be more marketable yourself -- employers will see that you are a go-getter and you are teachable!

Answered 7 years ago

David Bradley