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I am interested in going into the business world, however, I am not so sure what path I want to take.

I am interested in management. I like being in a position where I am calling the shots. I also am interested in outdoor recreation, and sports. Any suggestions on what path I should take for a career?

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Ken Simmons

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Answered 2 years ago

Ken Simmons

Kaveh Narimani

Hi there,
being able to manage a business, group, or a team sounds great but it also comes with responsibilities.
1- You said you like outdoors and sports. what kinda sports you like? you can start with being a coach at a school or club to get a sense of management and dealing with issues that comes with it. I coach soccer at a high school in salt lake and i absolutely love it.
2- are you in school? if you are, your path is towards Business Management and even better MBA. if not, i strongly suggest you take some courses online and get some business management certifications that would help you with your career. getting to know how to make the tough calls, how to act with politics at work are all part of being a manager.
hope i was able to help a bit

Answered 5 years ago

Kaveh Narimani